Punk Politics #71

So we’ve had Biden as president for a year and he felt a need for a 3 hour grandstand to celebrate. Celebrate what? He’s achieved nothing. All he had to fuckin do was be better than Trump and this administration couldn’t achieve that. While Harris was yelling at a black man for insinuating that Manchin is the actual shot caller, Biden and Manchin him were hangin out likely talking about how the coal baron is gonna tank everything even mildly progressive that hits the floor. We’re practically rebooting the cold war and our tough actions at sanctions and proxy wars. … Continue reading Punk Politics #71

Punk Politics #16

Russia, Russia, Russia! So 3 big things involving the ever fascist neighbors across the pond. First, our own military counter intel division has setup to target Russian higher ups and “trolls” from interfering in the 2020 election. That’s a bit counter to the cry that there was no interference. Second, Russia is creating their own Internet. This is problematic as they can select what their own people can search and see along with making it easier to target dissenters. Also it would likely make it more difficult to find and call out human rights abuses from a place famous for … Continue reading Punk Politics #16