Maty’s Corner #24 Worth Taking

Maty’s Corner #24 Anxious to Imitate Art: Worth Taking Starting in 2006 San Francisco’s worth taking is just good straight ahead pop punk music. Notable influence of Jimmy Eat World and I’d say Jawbreaker in their sound. They even boast a cover ep with MXPX’s Mike Herrera. Tight playing, great harmonies and songwriting. 2011 gave us their first recording, Anxious EP. It’s starts right off with down tempo power pop, think Jawbreaker’s Dear You album. There’s a desperation in the singing that screams authenticity and avoids cliché. The EP ends with a solid faster track that highlights their Jimmy Eat … Continue reading Maty’s Corner #24 Worth Taking

A nice letter from Ben Weasel to Fat Mike

So There’s A Lynch Mob After You! A primer for the beleaguered punk singer Fat Mike, you’re having a bad week. You’re in the soup and there’s no use pretending otherwise. But I’m here to help, brother. Take a deep breath, count to ten and sit down while Poppa Weasel shows you how it’s done. As you may have heard, I had a little trouble along these lines about 3 1/2 years ago when I slugged a woman in one of our crowds who had been showering me with beer, spit and ice cubes (including one right above the old … Continue reading A nice letter from Ben Weasel to Fat Mike