Punk Politics #82

Let’s usher in the inauguration of President Pinkerton. Scranton Scab Joe strike busted the rail unions with an executive order today. CNN states that he averted a strike. That is true. The problem however is that the union has been working without contract for 3 years which means that they’re pay and benefits advances are stalled out. Meanwhile the railway industry has been reporting record wage theft (profits) over this same time period. So the empire politician that Biden is has intervened on behalf of the corporate welfare state to further strip us of our ability to resist. Yet again, Biden has proven that he was grown in the same lab as Reagan. Why in the fuck are we not speaking out louder and more frequently? Amerikkka is quite exceptional as it’s managed to pack millenia of evil into only a few hundred years. How on earth are we still allowing these delusional men who believe that systemic abuse and racism are sacred values?

C Fish