Millencolin SOS

Millencolin’s new album dropped last week. Another solid release from these skate punk veterans. Not as heavy on social commentary as True Brew. It’s more the feel of classic Millencolin though these guys have never put out a bad album. This is still on their home label of Epitaph Records. The title track would be at home on any Punk O Rama comp. So pick this one up or stream it at your skate sessions. More proof that punk is becoming great again.

-C Fish

Looking Back On The JFA Legacy

JFA Album (2)

JFA Album


JFA Flayer


Circle Jerks & Minor Threat 1981


Circle Jerks Minor Threat 930 Club. 1981

‘Bad Religion’ Opening For The ‘Dead Kennedys’ 1982

Bad Religion 1982
Bad Religion 1982 opening for The Dead KennedysSEE THIS FOR MORE:
Bad Religion Wki

Fidlar Cocaine!


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Anti Facist

Historical Punk Rock Club “CBGB”

CBGB Halls CBGB Office CBGB Room CBGB Stairs CBGB Toilet CBGB