Maty’s Corner #9 Punk Rock Changed Our Lives: Minutemen

Maty’s Corner #9

Punk Rock Changed Our Lives:



            Starting in 1980 outta San Pedro, CA was one of punk’s most musically interesting and intense bands, the Minutemen. Consisting of Mike Watt’s bass genius, D Boon’s lyrical prowess and George Hurley’s above and beyond rhythm. They were a blend of punk, hard core and funk. They put out 10 recordings in 5 years. All of which were collected on Post-Mersh 1-3.

            1981-83 was The Punch Line and What Makes a Man Start Fires? These make up Post-Mersh Volume 1. These recordings give an immediate sense of what this band was about. Every song had a point and urgency about it. Some of it sounds like half psychotic Bukowski ramblings, but there was still something that felt important about it.

            1983-85 was Post-Mersh volume 2 which covered Buzz and Project Mersh. The vast majority of there songs go by rapidly, typically under 2 minutes. This gave us I Felt Like a Gringo, great song. Their amazing sound evolved through these recordings.

            1981-85 was Post-Mersh Volume 3. This covers the famous and important Paranoid Time EP, Joy, Bean Spill, Politics of Time and Tour Spiel eps as well. The first stand out from this is Definitions. Much of their best work is from the songs encompassed here. One of their biggest songs was Corona off of Double Nickels On The Dime. It was the Theme song for the show Jackass. Now that you know this amazing band, hear the music and let it marinade your brain!



-Maty Almost

Early Beginnings For Famed Punk Rock Band “Black Flag”

Black Flag became America’s premier hardcore punk rock band in the early 1980s

Guitarist Greg Ginn formed the group in 1977, two years after he graduated from UCLA with a degree in economics and founded SST Records, an affiliate of the SST company he started originally at the age of 12 yrs. old. The label quickly grew with a loaded roster of other critically acclaimed punk rock bands, including Minutemen, Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth, and Meat Puppets.

10616When the bands original singer Keith Morris left Black Flag to form the “Circle Jerks,” Black Flag went through several vocalists before discovering Henry Rollins, a Washington, DC, punk kid, who gained the bands attention when he jumped onstage with the band and began slam dancing during a live song at a New York performance.

10414From 1984 to 1986, Black Flag released more than one LP per year, in addition to a continuous touring schedule world wide. In 1986 Ginn dissolved Black Flag and focused on his popular hardcore label SST and composed several solo releases using various guest performers in his one man band releases. He has since focused his time and attention on running SST as a leader in the hardcore label industry and his involvement in the soon to be announced, return of “Black Flag,” with a new album release full of new tracks and a tour scheduled with North America and Europe show dates, to be announced in 2013.

8322While it was Ginn who composed all of Black Flag’s music and the majority of its lyrics, Rollins’ career got the greatest boost from his former band’s momentum,when he formed the popular hardcore band, simply called the “Rollins Band.” The Rollins Band recorded several albums and gained a world wide following that intensified after its appearance on the 1991 Lollapalooza Tour. By the release of 2000’s Get Some, Go Again, the original Rollins Band had moved on and replaced by the members of Mother Superior, an L.A.-based trio, which provided a more straight-ahead hard-rock canvas for Rollins’ hardcore lyrics and shouted vocals. In 1998, Rollins collaborated with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Flesh-N-Bone, Flea, and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine on a remake of the 1970 Edwin Starr hit “War” for the soundtrack to , “Small Soldiers.”

-Punk Monday


Maty’s Corner #7

Maty’s Corner #7

Good For You

Greg Ginn & Mike Vallely

New Band Together

A new blast of punk fucking rock y’all oughtta know about is Good For You. This was put together by Greg Ginn of Black Flag and Mike Vallely of Mike V and the Rats/ Revolution Mother and all around bad ass skater. The album Life Is Too Short Not To Hold A Grudge is an 11 track blast from hard core past.

10521The sound is reminiscent of My War era Black Flag.  Greg’s lines scream of those old days and Mike’s voice is somewhere between Rollins and Reyes while having its own unique howl.  The album is appropriately on SST Record


The lyrical themes are also straight outta the old Black Flag playbook which is a good thing since so much hard core these days lacks everything that music should have.  This came back in February so if you don’t have this yet, beg, borrow or steal and fucking get this!

-Maty Almost

Here’s Some New Tracks From Good For You:

Good For You – Hangin Around

Good For You – Stupid Me

Good For You – Blaze Of Glory

Good For You – Good Sport

Maty’s Corner # 5

Maty’s Corner Issue #5

Henry had a T.V. party, D felt like a gringo and Milo went to college

A Story of SST Records and the South Bay sound

10178SST which stands for Solid State Transmitters was started by Greg Ginn in 1966 as a business that sold electronics equipment.  It would not become a record label until 1978.  12 years to go from slanigin’ electronics to the label that would form an entire sound and scene. Now, we cannot quite tell the story of this label without proper focus on the big 3 bands of the South bay.  Those were Descendents, Black Flag and Minutemen.

10173Black Flag formed up in 1976 in Hermosa Beach, CA. They put out SST’s first release which was the Nervous Breakdown EP which boasted a pre Circle Jerks Keith Morris wielding the mic.  Black Flag tore through 3 different singers before finding Rollins in 1981.  Rollins had gotten off work at the Haagen Dazs and sang the song Clocked In with the band. They offered him a spot and Ian MacKaye told him to go for it and Henry relocated to Hermosa Beach, CA.  Rollins would be their longest lasting vocalist going from 81 to 86 when they broke up. Black Flags’ aggressive style and constantly evolving music would be the birth of South Bay punk and an influence on everything in hard core music since its inception. Today Black Flag is back with Ron Reyes on vox and has new album coming out.  I personally have reservations about the new music I’ve heard, but every fan should at least give it a chance then have an opinion.

100The Descendents were a sonic blast out of Manhattan Beach, CA. There’s actually a Norm’s restaurant in the area with the Milo caricature spray painted on it.  Descendents were not initially an SST band. They were on New Alliance until it got bought out by SST. I think the South Bay scene is better off for it.  They had a number of eps and released the widely known full length Milo Goes To College in 1982.  It would be 3 years until they recorded again as Milo was in the beginnings to his PhD in Biochemistry.  They recorded with SST until 1986. They then became active with Epitaph and Fat Wreck.  Milo and crew are credited as being one of the largest influences to the skate and pop punk scenes of the 90’s era and early 00’s.  Later this year the documentary Filmage which covers both Descendents and All is due out.

10172The strange near funky sonic blast coming across the bridge from SST was the Minutemen out of San Pedro.  Their first release which was equally as important as Nervous Breakdown and Milo was the Paranoid Time EP.  It was hardcore with a punk vibe and really weird high minded vocal blasts.  About the best way to get music from the guys is getting a hold of the Post Mersh 1-3 discs.  Minutemen and Black Flag tore the South Bay apart with endless local shows. One main venue was an Alano club that’s right on the bay in San Pedro.  Yeah, the recovering alcoholics love their good punk rock!  Minutemen were much more short lived than they should have been due to D. Boone’s death in a van accident in ’85.  More can be learned about the Minutemn by checking out the We Jam Econo documentary for free on you tube.

10174Another rock star of SST who only briefly played bass in Blacg was Raymond Pettibon who is Greg Ginn’s brother.  Some may be wondering about this man’s importance.  His artwork adorns most of Black Flag and Minutemen’s recordings, including the famous 4 bars of the black flag.  Other than birthing an entire sound and scene and putting out other great punk like Saccharine trust, SST also put out some bands of importance to the alternative scene being Soundgarden, Husker Du Sonic Youth and Meat Puppets. If this article is anyone’s first exposure to SST bands, go check thos big 3 out right now!  As D. Boone once said, “punk rock changed our lives.”

-Maty Almost