Blue Collar Criminals Review

Broken Hearted Songs came across my desk this past week. This is their third release that’s getting a re-issue on wax. They are amazing Street Punk from Arizona. Filled with sing along choruses and broken glass vocals reminiscent of Virus Nine. So if you missed this in 2017, get on it now! This is a solid release for fans of anything Oi and Street Punk so play it loud enough for the neighbors to hear.

Broken Hearted Songs (For Bitter Minded Drunks):

U.K. Subs Full EP Video Dump



Up The Punx!

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Remembering The Dead Kennedys Live


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Maty’s Corner #14








Maty’s Corner #14
Brigadiers EP Review

So I recently saw Brigadiers and got their Warriors ep. It’s just good honest straight ahead street punk. Really reminds me of Virus Nine. All 5 songs are just a refreshing kick to the face. The playing is as tight onstage as it is on this disc. Stand out track for me was Control. This solid unit hails from somewhere between Riverside County and Costa Mesa. So catch them live and get a copy of this and the new ep they have in the works. Get to know ‘em on their face book and get a good pit for ‘em.

-Maty Almost

Dead Kennedys “DRUG ME.” Forget Trying To Sing Along, You Couldn’t If You Tried.

We’re Just Some Friends Hanging Out…

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Punk Rock Has Many Faces

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City By The Bay S.F. California!!!



Anarchy Law Enforcement

Get It Right

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