Coming soon!

Two new features coming to the blog soon. Bad Religion Vocabulary; I will go through each BR album and list words that are not in the typical punk’s personal lexicon. This will include the definition of sed word and the song it’s from.  Also What I’ve learned from skate boarding.  This one the readers can also submit entries to be posted. This is things you’ve learned from your life as a skater that the average person may not ever think of. Continue reading Coming soon!

Maty’s Corner #13

Maty’s Corner #13 An Open Letter to Christians and the LGBT Community. Christians; I respect and defend your right to refuse service to whomever you wish. But it is not following Christ to not provide services to someone based on sexual orientation. Jesus was the savior of gays, whores and criminals. To be Christian is to bring people into to Christ by showing unconditional love. Saying that your faith prohibits you from rendering services is a cop out and makes it sound like you don’t like them. Stop refusing to be good people! Also, remember free will, them getting married … Continue reading Maty’s Corner #13

Duane Peters Biography Update 2014

The Master Of Disaster Adds Another Chapter To His Skate Punk Book Of Horrors! I’m sorry to announce this about a friend and hero of mine, Skateboarding and punk rock legend Duane Peters has come under the gun again in what looks to be yet another tragic chapter in Duane’s life. Last Friday the 7th of February, Duane Peters committed career suicide, which now we hear, may end up with time spent in state prison for felony domestic violence. Technically he was charged with, “felony willful infliction of corporal injury.” This news has already affected the industry in some areas … Continue reading Duane Peters Biography Update 2014

Maty’s Corner #8

Maty’s Corner #8 Misfits Shirts at Wal-Mart?             So I found myself in Wal-Mart at midnight this past weekend.  Never a happy prospect, but sometimes necessary.  Since I was already there I decided to go through the clothing area to see what’s going on.  And something caught my eye, a Misfits shirt.  Yes, it’s an officially licensed real deal, I did check the label. I had a discussion with one of my friends about this. He got in a huff and said “if anything, I’d rather go to Hot Topic.” My y question is what’s the difference between Wally World … Continue reading Maty’s Corner #8

Fast Food and the Music Industry by Greg Graffin

Fast Food and the Music Industry Since I am known as a person who usually sings about serious issues, I figured I had better keep things very serious here today. I’d like to begin by relating a story to you about…Arbey’s Roast Beef. I like fast food, I think it is a good product and a great invention. Last week I was standing in line looking over the simple menu and I decided I would get the #1 value meal. Then I realized my craving for lots of fries and I said “Can I have a large fries with that … Continue reading Fast Food and the Music Industry by Greg Graffin

Web-Surdites by Greg Graffin

Web-Surdities The world-wide web is growing so exponentially fast that problems are arising and no one seems to notice them. This column will be a reality-check for those who have lost their sense of what it means to be human, and therefore have a twisted view of reality, because they spend far too much time on the world-wide web. Hopefully, my opinions will provoke some fruitful discussion. Recently, I read an article in the paper that related the growing trend of “Digital Demonstrators” (Wall Street Journal, Dec. 3, 1998). It said that “virtual marches” could be an effective way to … Continue reading Web-Surdites by Greg Graffin

A Punk Synopsis by Greg Graffin

A Punk Synopsis About two weeks ago I received a letter from a punker who said he used to be a fan of Bad Religion. Used to be, that is, until we let him down by releasing our last two albums which didn’t fit his definition of punk. There weren’t any songs against the establishment, he claimed (which isn’t true by the way), so how can you call it Bad Religion? Indeed how can you guys call yourself punk? He went on to imply that we don’t know anything about what punk is because we are so out of it. … Continue reading A Punk Synopsis by Greg Graffin