Thoughts on shows

For the punk community 2020 has sucked as shows haven’t been that viable. We all think about this magical return to “normal” which is a strange thought for a culture that thrives on being abnormal. I think the way forward is hybrid where all live shows are streamed. Because you could have a group of punks in like Kansas or wherever have a house party for a show in any part of the world. The bands and venue staff could then have work no matter the conditions and the idea of punk which has mostly spread through touring could potentially … Continue reading Thoughts on shows

D.I.Y. Punk Rock Show

Putting On A D.I.Y. Punk Rock Show In Your Home Town Make A Good And Clear Deal With The Bands Invited – Put all possible information in the form of a contract, so there can’t be any misunderstanding about the deal you made. Have it signed and have another be a witness. – In case the band manager doesn’t work with a contract make sure you have the agreed upon plan/deal in e-mail form and even print it out and offer it as a copy. – Don’t promise bands anything you can’t guarantee: if you tell them you will pack … Continue reading D.I.Y. Punk Rock Show