2 Minute Minor Review

About 2 weeks ago I came across this band. Checked em out and pre-ordered the latest release Blood On Our Front Stoop. It’s a friggin great album! Reminds me of 90’s hard core like H2O and Good Riddance. The vocals sound like a cross between Against All Authority and Agnostic Front which is just awesome! They blend that with SHARP skin and bam, you’ve got this awesome sound straight outta Chicago. Also throw in a preference for sparkling water and a love of hockey. This album is solid from front to back. So join the Anti-Racist Goon Crew and get … Continue reading 2 Minute Minor Review


This girl has been a best friend to me for about half my life. Helped me out a number of times. Please toss anything you can to help the family pay off the vet bill. If nothing else, spread the word as far as you can. -Maty Almost http://www.gofundme.com/helpknuckles# Continue reading CALLING ALL PUNX AND SKATERS!

Fish Tank #20 Fuck Armageddon… This is Bad Religion (Re Mastered)

Maty’s Corner Issue # 20 Fuck Armageddon… This is Bad Religion (Re Mastered) In the initial writing of this article it was kind of weak and I realized it could be much better. Without sacrificing the original content, here’s the re master of an article many of you enjoyed. Bad Religion, the band that really got me into punk rock when I first bought 1998’s No Substance by pure happen stance. Bad Religion is into their 34th year of punk rockin’ it. They started up in 1979 in Los Angeles, CA. First show was November 11th 1980 in Burbank, CA. … Continue reading Fish Tank #20 Fuck Armageddon… This is Bad Religion (Re Mastered)