Punk Politics #84

For those who may not know, Jackson Mississippi (the capital) has been under boil water orders for at least the last 4 weeks and water pressure regularly loses pressure througout the city. Meaning, their water issues have been going on much longer than the storms. There’s been numerous reports that this has been an ongoing issue for years. A teacher at the high-school reported that their drinking fountains have been listed “out of order” for the 6 years he’s been there. The governor’s answer has all the urgency of the cable company when your internet is down. This is fucking cruel and insulting as WATER IS LIFE! It’s sadly not tat all surprising that a majority black city has had this happening for decades and likely dates back to slavery since taking meaningful action would require the the old white guys running shit to actually see people of color as human. Another solution is to privatize the fuckjbg water in a ace where exorbitantly high water bills are on the list of grievances involving this necessity. Governor Reeves is a psychotic racist fuck boy. It’s so bad they have to use porta potties at the capital, but their own hatred for the poor and black has shown they’d rather shit in their hands than give regular people any decency.

– C Fish