Whether A Rebel Or A Punk, Take Pride In Your Apparel

Alternative Clothing Stores FASHION PUNK: http://fashionpunk.com DIRTY SHIRTY: http://dirtyshirty.com FOUL MOUTH T-SHIRTS: http://foulmouthshirts.com PUNK & PISSED CLOTHING: http://punkandpissed.com PUNK STUFF: http://punkstuff.com PUNK YOUR CHUCKS: http://punkyourchucks.com NO-GODS-NO-MASTERS: https://no-gods-no-masters.com ROCKABILLIA: http://rockabillia.com CRUST PUNK DISTRO: http://crustpunks.com REBEL GIRLZ: http://rebelgirlz.com SOUR PUSS CLOTHING: http://sourpussclothing.com STEEL BOOTS AND SHOES: http://steel-boots.com TOO FAST APPAREL: http://toofastonline.com DR. STRANGE RECORDS: http://www.drstrange.com Up The Punx http://www.punxinsolidarity.com Continue reading Whether A Rebel Or A Punk, Take Pride In Your Apparel

The FIDLAR Band Review A Look Back At 2013 What A Year

The FIDLAR Band Review The Skate Punk Band Making Waves Out Of California… “FIDLAR” is a skate punk band from Los Angeles, California. The band’s name is an acronym for ‘Fuck It Dog, Life’s a Risk’; a skate mantra created by singer Zac Carper’s former roommates. The members of FIDLAR were seemingly destined from birth to play in a band. Originally, FIDLAR went under the name ‘Fuck The Clock.’ Three years after recording their first songs they stepped on stage and out of the gate teamed up with ‘The Black Lips’ and went on tour with ‘The Hives,‘ what kind … Continue reading The FIDLAR Band Review A Look Back At 2013 What A Year

Duane Peters Biography Update 2014

The Master Of Disaster Adds Another Chapter To His Skate Punk Book Of Horrors! I’m sorry to announce this about a friend and hero of mine, Skateboarding and punk rock legend Duane Peters has come under the gun again in what looks to be yet another tragic chapter in Duane’s life. Last Friday the 7th of February, Duane Peters committed career suicide, which now we hear, may end up with time spent in state prison for felony domestic violence. Technically he was charged with, “felony willful infliction of corporal injury.” This news has already affected the industry in some areas … Continue reading Duane Peters Biography Update 2014

D.I.Y. Punk Rock Show

Putting On A D.I.Y. Punk Rock Show In Your Home Town Make A Good And Clear Deal With The Bands Invited – Put all possible information in the form of a contract, so there can’t be any misunderstanding about the deal you made. Have it signed and have another be a witness. – In case the band manager doesn’t work with a contract make sure you have the agreed upon plan/deal in e-mail form and even print it out and offer it as a copy. – Don’t promise bands anything you can’t guarantee: if you tell them you will pack … Continue reading D.I.Y. Punk Rock Show

I’ll Give You The BOOT

POETIC JUSTICE Why do you cunts hate my boots? Boots define a lifestyle called punk rock.Boots speak of a laboring soul who’s tired as fuck. My boots show up to win all my fights.My boots are present under these city nights. An English Anarchist once said in a song.The boots I wear have never been wrong. Why not wear boots like us everyday.Kick the bootless fascist with much to say. These boots are not made for just walking.Sometimes I wear my boots while I’m fucking. Wear boots and live with every ones hate.I’ll be wearing my boots at the pearly … Continue reading I’ll Give You The BOOT