Punk Politics #89

As we’re dealing with an increasingly insane political landscape, we need to be unquestionably clear of where we’re at. Voting is great, but voting alone will not change anything. Just about all of the news insists on punching left via their reactions that range from chiding to outrage over intimidation and property damage. At present, the Amerikkka is a broken down home and the politicians are the abusive adults. We the people are the children getting constantly violated and traumatized. The parents believe themselves to be bigger and can do whatever they want and don’t feel a need to see us with any sort of dignity. The ONLY possible way to change this is to show we’re big enough to fight back and we’re no longer going to accept this. This means literally all praxis is on the table. Everything from voting and trolling to more intense street activism is valid and needed. The democrats and Republicans take the fascists seriously because they’re scared. It’s also why there’s a culture war narrative so we don’t turn our attention to who’s actually hurting us. This abuse has been going on since white man first landed here. It only receds when a master or overseer gets what’s coming to them. If the police are gonna ride around LA and do drive by shootings, then we need to make every neighborhood unsafe for cops. You know how they talk about hoods they’re afraid to go into? Politicians should be nervous about public events unless they’re working for the people.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #88

While we’re talking about Texas and Florida trafficking humans across state lines, let’s focus a bit more local on politicians not seeing the poor as human. First off it’s not party restricted. San Francisco has been a known city to just straight ship homeless people somewhere else. They often ended up in Stockton where I lived for a few years. And for those of usnwho’ve lived in LBC and Harbor Area we’re used to groups of homeless people who are often from Orange County and the wealthier parts of LA County. They used to dump them in the Antelope Valley high desert as well. Likely still do. All of this happens to support gentrification which economic eugenics and neo manifestdestiny This cruel fuckery goes through every level because we keep consenting to this cycle of abuse by not demanding better and allowing rich people to make decisions for us. And we all know being housed doesn’t mean anything consideringthey keep us living one emergency away from the streets. Unless you’re in their neighborhoods and golfing at their country clubs, you’re always in the victim role until we turn shit around. We can lift up good people to run for office and vote. Remember, even if you choose armed conflict, you still need a replacement planned out for the system you’re burning down. Let’s show up and show out on every fucking level come mid terms.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #87

What in the actual fuck Florida!?! If you didn’t know, Ron DeSantis trafficked about 50 Venezuelan asylum seekers from San Antonio Texas to Martha’s Vinyard this past week with taxpayer funds. The funding is legal as it was approved by the state legislature with no regard of the resources this steals from Florida’s most vulnerable citizens. These migrants were told they were being transported to Boston for services and jobs. So these human beings that were fleeing a country we fucked up (look into Reagan’s Latin American escapades and The Chicago Boys) would have rather astonished when they arrived on an island community known to be vacation homes for the 1%. The community knew nothing about this until they arrived so the state of Massachusetts jas been scrambling to get these people assistance. This is flat out fucking inhuman and cruel of DeSantis. Greg Abbott bussing migrants all over the country because they’re not a “sanctuary state” is already terrible but this was next level. And these deranged xenophobes are using your money, resources and infrastructure to score points with the most racist troglodyte end of their fucking base because the people don’t mater. Only power. There’s an election coming up and if you don’t wanna wait that long, they have addresses you can show you up at.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #86

For those who don’t know, Lindsey Graham cracker introduced a federal ban on abortion for 15 weeks. It’s practically total considering that the exemptions for rape, incest and save the life of the mother are not easy bars to clear as you basically have to prove yourself to the state. This is completely deranged to do 2 weeks out from a mod term election in which a woman’s right to complete and adequate health care is hot button enough that republican candidates have been tumbling in polls and running away from their abortion views in hopes of their campaign staying alive. My current unfounded theory is that Graham cracker is giving the corporate democrats and easy lay up. A bit of background. Fo all the blue wavers. There’s corporate dems such as Pelosi who was super quick to put out a performative tweet about a bill that is either not gonna pass or simply not go anywhere in the next month. There’s also progressives who are mostly trying to get legislation through that would help actual people and tend to get it worse from the democrats than even the conservatives. Then there’s the supposedly progressive like Jamal Bowman and Pramila Jayapal who punches left almost as often as Pelosi. Based on those facts and the other fact that many Republicans were clearly not expecting this shit from Graham cracker causes me to think that he’s got a different reason for doing this now. For those wondering how getting more democratic senators and congressman, the short answer is money. The vast majority of these legislators campaign saying they work for the people but actually work for a variety of large corporate interests that are called donors. Joe Manchin is the best example of this. A Democratic senator holds the current record for most money from fossil fuel interests which is usually considered a conservative thing. It’s also really fuckin horrible because it’s West Virginia and considering the absolutely fucking horrid history the Appalachian people have with being abused by fossil fuel companies. So when both parties are on this dragon sickness of just hoarding wealth it doesn’t fucking matter who wins. Now, if the democrats get the “just 2 more senators” they keep saying they need, then we need to be way up there ass saying, “now do the fuckin work or else!” Biden has done just about fuck all and they said they need more senators for real change. And remember, if they keep breaking promises, they have home addresses

– C Fish

Punk Politics #85

In the wake of the mass shooting out of Tennessee where the shooter drove around for hours and killed 4 people the white right hand has taken an interesting twist in the narrative. Typically the fash are falling over themselves to defend guns. This time the shooter was a black male so they’re attacking prison reform. It’s fuckkking institutional racism week in the south. Earlier this week I wrote on Jackson, Mississippi. See link below. Now in Tennessee the apparent answer is that our sociopathic penal system isn’t punitive enough? At a time when ideas like prison abolition and defunding the police are common topics the fearful racists have to be salivating at this. I’ll just about bet the super predator myth and everything else they can role out to scare us into locking away black male bodies. We’re still fighting our way out of this colonizer mindset. The dangerous times we’re presently in are at a clear risk of getting worse. And let’s not forget the president is a very important racist as he named the crime bill after himself that has led the prison industrial complex to its present critical mass.


– C Fish

Punk Politics #84

For those who may not know, Jackson Mississippi (the capital) has been under boil water orders for at least the last 4 weeks and water pressure regularly loses pressure througout the city. Meaning, their water issues have been going on much longer than the storms. There’s been numerous reports that this has been an ongoing issue for years. A teacher at the high-school reported that their drinking fountains have been listed “out of order” for the 6 years he’s been there. The governor’s answer has all the urgency of the cable company when your internet is down. This is fucking cruel and insulting as WATER IS LIFE! It’s sadly not tat all surprising that a majority black city has had this happening for decades and likely dates back to slavery since taking meaningful action would require the the old white guys running shit to actually see people of color as human. Another solution is to privatize the fuckjbg water in a ace where exorbitantly high water bills are on the list of grievances involving this necessity. Governor Reeves is a psychotic racist fuck boy. It’s so bad they have to use porta potties at the capital, but their own hatred for the poor and black has shown they’d rather shit in their hands than give regular people any decency.

– C Fish

Analysis of the Rock The Casbah music video

Firstly, The Clash is my all time favorite band forever. Now let’s get to it. I am theorizing that this video takes place in Southern California, primarily Long Beach and Compton. Here’s my evidence; the oil well in what’s clearly on urban setting that looks like Signal Hill, the Winchell’s that looks like up by Poly high and it wouldn’t be too strange to have an Armadillo running around, that gas station is definitely the one around the corner from Cubesmart. And finally, where else are you gonna find an Orthodox Jew and Sheik chill enough to party together like that?

Punk Politics #83

So drug stores are locking up cheap food products such as spam and Tuna. I guess Spam is 4 something now. You could get it from Rite Aid in the dollar section as of 2019. This is an absolute crime as this is normally cheap food for people of limited means. The price rise puts even this food out of reach for many. The rest of this article will contain tips I learned from my time working loss prevention that can fight the system. Disclaimer, I am not advocating shoplifting. I am helping the hungry to survive the abusive relationship that is Amerikkkan life.

These security boxes open with what’s called an Alpha key (the rectangular key in the picture below. These are available from numerous online retailers. Or if you work retail, you can likely find one in the backroom that no one knew was there. Security keys will make the door alarm go off so it’s on you to consider that risk and any ways around it as those can be individual to the situation. Either of the round keys which are also available online and are basically CPU magnets will open/ remove all other security devices that could be used on food items.

Now let’s talk legal. In the event you get rolled, if you simply return the item to the employee who caught you, you are no longer shoplifting and are free to go. Do not return to a store you’ve already been caught at. You do not have to “come back inside” ever! The store has no legal authority to detain you without your consent. Never sign any paperwork. Civil recovery law typically reads “This statute allows for the recovery of up to three times the value of any unrecovered or damaged items plus any legal fees up to the cost of the items and $500 for adults. If the perpetrator is a minor, then the state allows twice the value of the items plus any legal fees up to the cost of the item and $300.” So if you’re in the office with the store threatening to roll you up, they have the item in merchantable condition. It’s a scam to get the company more money as literally every item is insured. Holding you in a store is false imprisonment and you can charge the company. Furthermore, most drug stores have a no chase policy so you could run for it as well. In the event you choose this option, KEEP YOUR TAKE LOW the amount of money is the prime determining factor in whether or not you could face charges. Also returned merchandise is no longer stolen and the store can fuck off beyond not allowing you back in.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #82

Let’s usher in the inauguration of President Pinkerton. Scranton Scab Joe strike busted the rail unions with an executive order today. CNN states that he averted a strike. That is true. The problem however is that the union has been working without contract for 3 years which means that they’re pay and benefits advances are stalled out. Meanwhile the railway industry has been reporting record wage theft (profits) over this same time period. So the empire politician that Biden is has intervened on behalf of the corporate welfare state to further strip us of our ability to resist. Yet again, Biden has proven that he was grown in the same lab as Reagan. Why in the fuck are we not speaking out louder and more frequently? Amerikkka is quite exceptional as it’s managed to pack millenia of evil into only a few hundred years. How on earth are we still allowing these delusional men who believe that systemic abuse and racism are sacred values?

C Fish



Skanking in an alternate reality with Jer

For those who been sleepin’. Jer (best known as Skatune Network dropped their full length recently. To start with it’s outright fucking amazing and Jer in person is even more awesome than we imagine from YouTube. The album opens with Bothered, a classic sounding ska punk track about shit we should be bothered to sleeplessness by. The next track You Got Yr ***** Card Revoked deals with issues of identity and the fact that we’re all valid no matter what. Gonna skip ahead to Decolonize Yr Mind which is my fucking song of the year! This is a mind blowing mix of ska meets Tribe Called Quest and the lyrical mind of Dead Prez. I totally lost my shit when they played it at the show as I’ve been blasting this track like it’s a religion because decolonization should be! https://youtu.be/Bn6b-K-vUYc

The next track that really jumps out is Garden Of Understanding which is the first of two solid Emo Steady tracks. Emo Steady is a term that Jer to pursue a genre that blends ska with Midwest Emo. I’m fuckin here for it! The 2nd is a track called Maybe. To me it’s about dealing with activist burn out. It happens to me all the time because spending that much time fighting and caring about changing the world around us. The beginning of this song is sad as fuck going into the hopelessness we all feel when it constant seems like things aren’t gonna get better then goes into an amazing breakdown with a return of fighting spirit. Honestly, that’s how it feels. This whole record just keeps getting better as you hear each track front to back. In a time where too many are still trying to hate on ska, this shot to 74 on Billboard album sales. So clearly the haters don’t know shit. Maybe if we all support the absolute fuck outta this amazing release from Bad Time Records, Emo Steady can become a full genre. Go get a hold of this and blast it loud enough for the whole hood to dance and know how you feel about the present reality

– C Fish

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