Punk Politics #76

I saw this cup on the news and felt it needs a lot of unpacking.

So Tucker (the #1 watched news personality in America in one part of a monolog managed to evoke Reefer Madness, blame medical management of mental health issues, blame women and outright lie about schools giving kids SSRIs. He also mentioned porn and social media. First off, as someone on weed and in mental health care, no ya dumb fuck. The only thing at risk is the junk food section at 7 11. I can’t believe reefer madness still works. The “psychosis we hear about is disassociation and none of us are doing anything crazier than forgetting where we put things. Next, schools can’t fucking give psychotropic meds because it requires special qualifications you hellscaping shitbag! And then this bag of rotted meat and trash went on to say that women telling men what’s up is part of the problem. Ya got me fucked up. The only problem is that maybe women should be more forceful in telling Amerikkka what the fuck is up. Also, if the problem is that there’s countless white kids who looks like this guy and you believe he’s crazy, then we should talk about the abysmal shithole that is mental health in Amerikka. There’s the fact that these young “alpha” nopes are absorbing nothing but a privileged white guy who’s show is violence porn and he’s had some absolute off the wall trash talking about phrenology and thrones of Chinese bones and other cringy shit I can’t remember. This is what the neckbeards are watching when they’re not planning their next bit of white terrorism with their Atomwaffen and RAM peeps. The shooting in Buffalo is what he is encouraging! Tucker wants young white men to kill those who don’t bow to this toxic and false construct.

– C Fish

Punk Politics #75

What a shit show inside of a dumpster fire this last SCOTUS season was. Inside of a month they’ve stripped women’s rights down to they’re still allowed to vote for now, taken away any reason for Miranda rights, sped up our clock towards extinction (I’m not entirely against extinction) and made it near impossible for countless of the wrongfully convicted to see freedom. What Iean by this will be outlined below.

Roe V. Wade: This is definitely the worst as the scope and magnitude of consequences is still coming into focus. Not only has this removed women’s bodily autonomy, but they have codified rape culture. Sitting congressmen Phillip Gunn all but actually endorsed incest rape. It’s clear that the patriarchy still has a fetish to punish women for existence. Now along with to punishment of rapes that they will never see justice for, but they will also be forced to carry the traumatic leftovers to be born into an increasingly dystopian hellscape. I’ve proposed a sex strike but I wanna shout out an idea my home girl Killah Bee had. Charge a 1K deposit for any peens that wanna enter. If they leave any unwanted materials, the lady keeps the deposit. If not the peen gets its deposit returned. There are ways to fight. Furthermore, Roe V. Wade was based on our right to privacy which has been shaky since the unending PATRIOT ACT. So these babies can be born under surveillance. Like I told niece l, you’re never too young to have an assigned agent.

Miranda: SCOTUS ruled that you cannot hold an officer civilly liable for not issuing Miranda rights. The ability to sue was our last line of defense against this one way the police routinely fist fuck our rights. To fight this, don’t talk to cops. The only phrase you need is “lawyer”.

West Virginia v. EPA: Yes, Joe Manchin is on this level of Hell. As a coal barron he would’ve technically been part of the plaintiff. SCOTUS ruled in favor of practically eliminating the EPA’s ability to regulate emissions from power plants. Yes, it’s painful to watch the EPA lie for government agencies, but we still pay taxes for a government to exist and I’d rather it work for is than using our money to turn the country into a Theocratic apocalypse cult.

This one hurts me personally. The SCOTUS ruled that death row inmates can no longer pursue appeal on the basis of ineffective counsel. The state I now live in PA has a known history of putting Black political prisoners into bondage through the use of glaringly incompetent defense counsel and the case of Mumia Abu Jamal was a catalyst for my radicalizing journey. So it deeply hurts that people who spent their lives fighting for others are gonna die in the new American plantation where all rights are suspended. Soon I fear that the prison house of nations will become a coast to coast prison nation

– C Fish

Punk Politics #74

We’ve spent the day learning the the Supreme Court intends to overturn Roe V. Wade and Casey V. Planned Parenthood. Not only will this cause mass femicide and further inequity, our right to privacy is tied to Roe. A right that has been dying on the vine ever since the unending PATRIOT ACT. I’ve had an idea to fight this. I propose all women go on a sex strike to include porn content. Yes, a black out of all female porn and sex. If America can’t respect women as having autonomy then it shouldn’t have access to their bodies #sexstrike

-C Fish

Kill Lincoln- Good Riddance To Good Advice

Now this is a long overdue review of one of my favorite ska punk releases at all. If you need a heavy ska record to rage through the worst of mental health struggles to, it’s Good Riddance to Good Advice by Kill Lincoln. Yeah, not only does Mike run Bad Time Records, he ficking shreds on guitar and writes songs that have helped me through some shit. Stand outs are the title track that just sounds like intentionally tanking a bad day. Sometimes we need that. And Days I Spent Inside. It just sounds like a fight against depression and the basement hardcore chant of Do This For Yourself just fuckin slaps! Crank this one to 11 and hardcore skank through the trauma!

– C Fish

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Checkered thoughts

I’ve always loved ska. I never went through a “cool kid” phase where I pretended to not be rude. This past summer I’ve been delving so deep into it that I don’t wanna come back here. I love the idea that punk is supposed to be, but fuck the scene. A large part of this came from being in So Cal and sewing either boomer punks or kids who just wanna be wasted and get into shows free. I got into this because it’s supposed to be about doing something to unfuck the world. Or our supposed DIY infrastructure spent years working against ska and only wants anything to do with it if it’s monetarily viable. Ska never died. The two tone army, skatune platoon and other mutants of rude have been here building the community and scene that we can believe in.

– C Fish

Eichlers- My Checkered Future

Hyper Ska superstar Eichlers has released their debut full length on Bad Time Records. This is the most exciting ska news of 2022 because this is honestly, so sick! If you’ve been paying attention, Ike has been loudly moving in this direction. I’ve been stoked since I heard the New Tone single. I still don’t completely understand hyper pop musically, but Eichlers is fucking awesome. Nickel City is lyrically my stand out track. It just sounds like a love letter for us who’ve been doing this a long time, this is the anthem for the elder rudies, we say stand together! Musically, I Need Hep Immediately with solid 808s under a classic sounding ska beat (trap rock steady) is the killer dance track of this. The features of Omnigone, Jer and Tape Girl add to this being a class in the new ska scene. This album was written and created by people that honestly love ska and are ready for its checkered future. And to the haters “talk shit and get sick”. Get a hold of this and blast it loudly and repeatedly!

– C Fish

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Upcoming Podcast

So, my gnarly homegirl Kels had an idea for a mental health podcast. We’ll be going over CBT and talking about ways to build a better home in yourself without having to rely on the broken mental health system. Episode 1 will premier this Monday. Follow the link below to subscribe. We’re gonna apply full punk fuckin rock DIY system hacks to unfuck the negative cognition that comes from life in a dystopia. We’ll also be doin a regular music and mental health segment. This week or We Are The Union- Self Care

C Fish



We Are The Union- Self Care

Coming out back in 2018 was the beginning of the reinvention of We Are The Union as we know them today. This was their first album with Jer and the influence is very clear in the ska of this album. WATU is still the basement emo ska band we love bit with more ska which is an upgrade. This whole album tackles a subject that needs more conversation in the scene. Self Care and mental health. My 2 stand out tracks are Better Home and Surfin On The Waves Of Depression. Better Home is a reminder that we don’t have to keep living whatever way the damage made us. It’s a cathartic fuck you to the trauma. Surfin’ other than being a solid ska punk track, is just giving into pain and riding those waves. Sometimes that’s just the answer. Stalk and support at the links below and play this fuckin loud!

Look for a deep dive on this album in relation to mental health on the Psych Revolution podcast.

– C Fish