Safety tips

Please spread the wordTRUMP HAS CONFIRMED THAT THERE WILL BE LIVE ROUNDS FIRED AT CIVILIANS IN THE NEAR FUTURE.1.) TAMPONS WERE INVENTED IN WWI TO PACK BULLET WOUNDS. Do not be afraid to use them. If you are shot, or you see someone shot, pack the wound with a tampon and get help as soon as possible.2.) Carry a spray bottle with 1:1 milk of magnesia and water, to spray into your eyes and mouth or into the eyes and mouth of anyone you see maced or tear-gassed.3.) If you are brave, carry a bucket full of water and baking soda, 1:1, with a lid, and wear protective gloves, and pick up tear gas canisters that have been shot into crowds and drop them into the bucket to neutralize them. This will stop the gas from harming people around you4.) If you are REALLY brave, THROW GAS CANISTERS AND FLASH GRENADES BACK AT THE POLICE.5.) If you see someone being arrested, grab them as firmly as you can and run. De-arresting your comrades is important.Edit: added info for further safety!#3 also works on concussion grenades.Also line goggles with petroleum jelly to stop drip from tear gas and bear mace especially when water cannon are also in effect.Also tennis rackets work great to rebound 40mm canistersAlso please for the love of god cover your face and blur the faces of protesters when posting pictures if possible. That’s how I got prosecuted in [redacted], they will use anything In they’re power to put us away. A dead or imprisoned protester is no longer a problem.Stay safe.Do not share… Copy and paste so if this is removed it won’t be lost

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