Punk Politics #102

Jordan Neely a 30 year old unhoused black man was murdered via choke hold by a 24 year old white Marine. on the New York F Train on Monday for having a mental health crisis while black. The killer’s Name is Daniel Penny. No, he’s not a cop, not even a military cop. Just a white guy lynching a black man while 2 other presently unidentified individuals helped by holding Neely down. The NYPD has released him with seemingly no charges (I can’t find anything) after an extreme reluctance to arrest for about days. I am saying this whole thing was a hate crime due to the fact that the systemic racism of America caused people to sit by, caused 3 white males to decidedly assault a black man who posed no true threat and finally caused by the police non response to this. I mean fuck, Penny will probably get to become a cop before the year is out. Below is the info I’ve gathered on this. Put Penny on blast and know that the police are allowing for murders that they don’t get to commit themselves.

– C Fish

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