Punk Politics#25

So our omnipotent governor Gavin Newsome has stated that 25.5 million(or 56%) will contract Covid 19. Surely the great and wis man much of this statw brought to power knows what he’s talking about and ia fully qualified to speak on this right? Well, a quick bit of research I found that he is in fact not an epidemiologist or any other form of medical professional for that matter. So he is either grossly incompetent or outright lying to us. Just by comparison Wuhan China, the epicenter, did not see this percentage in people getting sick. And that’s a much … Continue reading Punk Politics#25

Punk Voter

Short history, this was an organization founded by a handful of big names in punk to turn the tide of the political climate during the G.W. Bush era and it made a lot of waves. But Barackstar Obama won, punk got complacent and lazy and we’re here now. So the idea is to get dissatisfied you (the 18 to 20 somethings) engaged in the political process. We can do this again. You don’t need a Fat Mike or Jello Biafra to get it going. You yourself can get your local scene and others in the community engaged. The mid term … Continue reading Punk Voter

Welcome to the American Fall

The new Anti-Flag album dropped today. It’s the most stoked I’ve been on a new punk album in years. I saw them live a couple weeks back. The new one is a call to action against the neo-liberal order of the previous 8 years and this alt-right status quo the rose of Trump has given us. Stand out track on this is When The Wall Falls. Anti-Flag wrote a kick ass ska track. This is the album we need now. From us old dogs who may feel a bit jaded to the scared kid that may be gay, trans or … Continue reading Welcome to the American Fall

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