Punk Politics #28

In case you missed it. Joe Biden wants the Democratic primary to go ahead with in person voting this Tuesday as the U.S. gets closer to the peak for Covid 19. He does want the convention postponed by a month. Biden said that it’s different in an arena than at polling places. Allow me to simplify this. Biden deeply cares if the elites at the convention arw safe and healthy. He does not give a fuck about the common people. He only sees us as potential votes so he can scoop up deligates. Most of Wisconsin and Bernie Sanders are calling for a delay so that the voting can be done by mail. Wisconsin is calling the National Guard in the work polling places as at least 7000 poll workers refuse to put themselves at unnecessary risk by working the polls. So the establishment Democrats have decided you will vote in person under the watchful eye of the military. All states with upcoming primaries need to fight against the establishment and say “NO” to a racist, sex offending, war hawk elitist. He is the exact same as Trump.

– C Fish

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