Punk Politics #69

Way too often in the underground there’s questions going around about whether or not Anarchism is the answer to societal ills. Being that Anarchism is the only moral and responsible answer to the boots on our necks the questions are of economics and how to achieve the goal.

There are a few economic options. There’s anarcho syndicalism which is essentially socialist anarchism as the workers run production and all capital is shared. There’s anarcho primitivism which would be an agrian and crafted goods system. Then there’s AnCap which even I’m not high enough to think is a good idea.

To achieve this requires revolution. That revolution can either be peaceful through the means of street activism to change politics beginning in local municipalities all the way up to federal. Or it can be violent. Both are valid options that carry a lot of risk and work. Of course the 2 can also be blended in various ways.

– C Fish

One thought on “Punk Politics #69

  1. It’s shattering to think that our enslavers would shoot us all, those who keep their wealth safely offshore while forcing the poor to subsidize them. But they have, they can, they do. There are incredible, well-researched books out there, describing exactly how they’ve rigged the economy against us, how they pay billions to keep control of the average citizen with a myriad of brainwashing techniques. How they profit from our misery, and too many other truthiness facts too unconscionable for me to stomach this a.m.. When powerful advocates attempt to educate, empower and unite, they disappear or end up with a bullet in the head. If they’re lucky? they end up slandered. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know kowtowing, numbing out, arguing amongst ourselves and the social media addictions are no solution.


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