Punk Politics #86

For those who don’t know, Lindsey Graham cracker introduced a federal ban on abortion for 15 weeks. It’s practically total considering that the exemptions for rape, incest and save the life of the mother are not easy bars to clear as you basically have to prove yourself to the state. This is completely deranged to do 2 weeks out from a mod term election in which a woman’s right to complete and adequate health care is hot button enough that republican candidates have been tumbling in polls and running away from their abortion views in hopes of their campaign staying alive. My current unfounded theory is that Graham cracker is giving the corporate democrats and easy lay up. A bit of background. Fo all the blue wavers. There’s corporate dems such as Pelosi who was super quick to put out a performative tweet about a bill that is either not gonna pass or simply not go anywhere in the next month. There’s also progressives who are mostly trying to get legislation through that would help actual people and tend to get it worse from the democrats than even the conservatives. Then there’s the supposedly progressive like Jamal Bowman and Pramila Jayapal who punches left almost as often as Pelosi. Based on those facts and the other fact that many Republicans were clearly not expecting this shit from Graham cracker causes me to think that he’s got a different reason for doing this now. For those wondering how getting more democratic senators and congressman, the short answer is money. The vast majority of these legislators campaign saying they work for the people but actually work for a variety of large corporate interests that are called donors. Joe Manchin is the best example of this. A Democratic senator holds the current record for most money from fossil fuel interests which is usually considered a conservative thing. It’s also really fuckin horrible because it’s West Virginia and considering the absolutely fucking horrid history the Appalachian people have with being abused by fossil fuel companies. So when both parties are on this dragon sickness of just hoarding wealth it doesn’t fucking matter who wins. Now, if the democrats get the “just 2 more senators” they keep saying they need, then we need to be way up there ass saying, “now do the fuckin work or else!” Biden has done just about fuck all and they said they need more senators for real change. And remember, if they keep breaking promises, they have home addresses

– C Fish

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