Punk Politics #78

For everyone who considers themselves any stripe of left, why are we still carrying water for the Democratic party? In the last 2 months they stood by doing fuck all as half our population lost they’re guarantee of complete and adequate health care. Their answer was to vote harder. Then after 2 weeks of criticism over that, they double the fuck down on that trash. I’m entirely for voting as it’s one of the many tools we need to employ to pull this country out of being a dystopian hellscape. But what are even voting for right now? Outside of the squad the rest of them are only getting elected to network with more owner donors. When any progressives call them on it or have ideas, they get slagged. When us voters speak up, we can treated with the same neglect and disdain that our abusive parents gave out like water at a marathon. Pelosi the witch queen who keeps coming outta her children’s bone strewn cave to say that #defundthepolice is a dead slogan. Um no, the elected representative either works for a our tax dollars or they are a parasite. The people who are represented by these corporate mainliners are the exact same coming in and gentrifying all the most desirable parts of my home state. Remember, gentrification is economic eugenics as it prices the poor out of areas. This means that these supposed representatives are at war with us and constantly working to re traumatize those who are most victimized by the Amerikkan scream. So why don’t we all walk away and either build up the Green Wedge or start something new? I’m not sure how we’d reform the DNC unless the neoliberal dinosaurs were to suddenly drop dead. So perhaps we should leave them to their David Duke retirement home where they can count money with the Republicans.

– C Fish


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