Punk Politics #91

This week conservative firebrand Matt Walsh ranted about how he should have the right to marry and impregnate 16 year olds. What Iean by this is various news shows have talked about 2011 comments made by Walsh about 16 year old girls being more fertile, marriages lasting longer back when women couldn’t get out of marriages and the unwed teen pregnancy os the real issue. Then today he went on a rant about not apologizing for his misogynistic pedophile rantings. Now, most of us who are aware of Walsh are also aware that he’s shit and trash wrapped in rotting meat so this isn’t surprising. I’m reporting on it because this monstrous predator has an outsized influence in this country due to the increasing popularity of The Daily Wire. A guy who clearly wants to have sex with young girls is considered a guiding light for evangelical christians these days. Likely your conservative dad or racist uncle really like him. So, a great many of older males are getting their political sermon from an who encourages child molestation.

-C Fish

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