Punk Politics #92

Yesterday Biden came out to say he was federally pardoning those convicted federally of Marijuana possession and the mainstream media is treating him like a hero which is fucking disturbing if your bring facts and history into play. So let’s ruin the neoliberal’s good time and do just that. Firstly, very few people will get released or absolved as most federal arrests for any drug include other charges such as interstate trafficking and intent to distribute. Also, the state(s) that it occurred in typically pursue charges as well. Biden is encouraging governors to do the same thing. Well, I guess encouragement is nice, bit he’d get a more tangible result from shitting in his hand. This is literally the most toothless action Biden could have done. Biden, the man who named a 1994 crime bill after himself that led to the current prison state doesn’t fucking care about racially disparate arrests. He was a segregationist and his racism spoke outloud on the campaign trail more than once. This is a verbal photo op as we head into the mid terms to make us think the do nothing neoliberals are some kind of good guy. These are the villains. The only answer that will help would be a full decriminalization and pardon of all Marijuana offenses nationally.

-C Fish

4 thoughts on “Punk Politics #92

  1. Biden is a career politician, nothing more, nothing less. Whatever his personal opinion is, isn’t relevant. He can read polls. He sees this as a win. He is not wrong.
    Besides pardoning convicts for possession, he is also de-scheduling marijuana. That is going to end a lot of needless arrests.


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