Punk Politcs #93

In an unsurprising move this past week the Biden administration has began expelling Venezuelan asylum seekers while simultaneously looking to ease sanctions that are currently preventing Chevron from drilling there. Before we unpack here it’s important to know that Biden is a racist fuck boy imperialist. By now we all remember the kids in cages title 42 that was enacted by the Trump administration and I believe Biden had said something about ending it either on the campaign trail or early days in office. That was before he got to witness Border Patrol chasing and whipping black migrants on horseback which would fill a segregationist heart with immeasurable glee. No worries for the poor migrants though, in the spirit of mercy they’ll except 24,000 that meet strict financial requirements because this wouldn’t be the land of the free if it wasn’t pay to play. All those who can’t afford to be let in to the center of moral bankruptcy can just go back to the country our cold war policies turned into a psychotic dictatorship. I mean, it’s not like they’ll be executed or worked to death at the shiny Chevron Free Trade Zone. I bet it’ll even have an Extra Mile on site. In genuine Amerikkkan charity we do’t send them back to that country. No, we send them back to poverty and homelessness in Mexico. Isn’t our president such a great person? You feel like we won something in 2020 yet, or do you feel like the prize at the bottom of the cereal box was just dried eagle shit?

-C Fish


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